An aroma is very briefly a flavour. With one you can mix your e-liquid all by yourself. You can do this by using one aroma, but of course you can also use several aromas to get a final taste.

Aroma is a flavouring?
Yes, an aroma is really nothing but a flavour. However, an aroma can consist of different flavours. For example, there are aromas that consist of one flavor, such as pure menthol. But there are also aromas that consist of several flavors, such as berries with menthol.

What are the ingredients of an aroma?
As a rule, an aroma consists only of PG (Propylene Glycol). This substance is the strongest flavour carrier. Pure PG vapen, however, is not always good and fine. Aromas are therefore not suitable for pure vapor.

Add Aroma, how?
An aroma is added to a base fluid, also called (nicotine-free) base and / or nicotine-boosters. Together these two (or three when you use a base and nicotine boosters) form your e-liquid. The e-liquid is the final product that you can then vaporize.

What’s the amount of aroma I need?
Exactly how much aroma you need depends on two things:

Amount of e-liquid you want to make
The (recommended) mixture ratio of the flavouring
You obviously need more aroma if you want to make 60ml e-liquid, for example, than if you only want to make 10ml e-liquid. How much you need in both cases is also dependent on the (recommended) mixture ratio of the aroma.

Mixture ratio aroma:
Each aroma has its own (recommended) mixing ratio. This is given from the producer of the carry. Of course, this is a guide, but it is an affair you can start with.

Percentage aroma mixture
This mixing ratio is always expressed as a percentage, so you can calculate for yourself how much you need, regardless of the amount of e-liquid you want to make.

If you have an aroma of which the (recommended) mixture ratio is 10%, this means that 10% of your final e-liquid must be aroma.

A simple aroma calculation example:
I want to make an e-liquid of 60ml, with an aroma that has a mixture ratio of 8%.

Flavouring content: 4,8 ml (8% of 60 ml)
Amount of base / nicotine boosters: 55.2 ml
E-liquid tastes weak or too strong, what now?
If you find the taste of your final e-liquid to be too weak, you can add more aroma. If you think the taste is too strong, you can add more basic fluid, so you dilute the taste.

Maturing homemade e-liquid, how?
What’s also good to know, when you think a taste is too weak, is that you can ripen your homemade e-liquid. This is done by putting that e-liquid in a dark place at room temperature for a few days or weeks. Make sure you take the bottle cap off every other day so that fresh air can be added.

What is the difference between an e-liquid and aroma?
An e-liquid is ready-made and can be used directly in your e-cigarette. An aroma, on the other hand, is really just the flavour. So you can not use this pure, but you must first mix with a base fluid.

An aroma is really intended to mix your e-liquid with it. The advantage of this is that you can create your own taste all by yourself.

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