Mods are an evolution of the standard cigarette-size e-cigarettes. Over the years, these products have become increasingly sophisticated and multifunctional. Nowadays there are Mods in all shapes and sizes and offer users a wide choice of power (voltage), adjustment and options. ‘Mod ‘is an abbreviation of the word’ modification’ and dates back to the early days of electronic smoking, when ‘mods’ were simple, ‘modified’ battery holders.

What’s a Box Mod?
I’m sure you’ve seen them on the internet or on other dampers, cubes or boxes used to tamper with them. These are called Box Mods. Actually, these are just adjustable batteries, but they have many functions and are found in all kinds of formats. In this article we will tell a little more about these Box Mods.

There are different Box Mods, for example with internal or interchangeable batteries. The number of wattages and modes also vary per Box Mod.

An internal or interchangeable battery?
An internal battery is a fixed battery in a Box Mod, these are not interchangeable or replaceable and have a fixed number of mAh. A interchangeable battery is therefore expendable, depending on the battery you choose, the number of MAHS are different.

Internal batteries mean that the Box Mods are generally a little more compact. For example, there are tiny box mods available that you can easily put in your bag or pocket.

Interchangeable batteries bring with them a piece of freedom, so you can easily replace the battery when it is worn out or empty. The Box Mods that use interchangeable batteries are generally slightly larger because there should be room for interchangeable batteries in the housing.

Milliampères (mAh)
The duration or capacity of a battery is expressed in milliampères (mAh). The higher the number of mAh, the greater the capacity or duration of use of the battery. How long you can vaporize on 1 battery charge is also subject to how much power (amperes) is required.

For example, if you have a Box Mod with a battery of 1100 mAh and use it at 40 watts, the battery will be dead very quickly. However, if you use a Box Mod at 40watt with two batteries that together provide 6000 mAh with battery capacity, you can vaporize for longer at 1 charge.

Each Box Mod has its own wattage range, so there are mods firing up to 85 watts or even 220 watts. How much watt you need varies per evaporator, so there are evaporators with coils that can be fired up to 100 watts. But also evaporators with coils that can handle up to 12 to 14 watts.

A common practice example is a Box Mod that can fire up to 80 watt, for example, but at about 30 watt is evaporated. A little crazy, isn’t it? This is not as crazy as you might think, and is very common. You can compare it to a car, which has a top speed of 250 km/h but in practice it is almost never used. Also with Box Mods the option is there but cannot be used with any setup.

What do wattage’s do when you set these up? If you set the wattages higher, more power (voltage) goes through the coil, it gets hotter and produces more vapour. If the coil is fired with too high a voltage, it can also get too hot and burn. The more power is used, the faster the battery dies.

If you set the wattages lower, there’s less power going through the coil and it stays a little cooler. This gives you less-and a slightly cooler vapour. The ideal wattage institution is also called the “sweet spot”. This is the point where for you the vapor production and taste are the best.

Temperature control
You can hardly imagine it anymore, temperature control. almost every Box Mod has the ability to vaporize with temperature control. Not all coils are suitable for this purpose, so Kantal coils can only be damped on wattages. Whether you will use the temperature control setting On Your Box Mod in this case depends on the used coils.

To be able to vaporize with this function, special coils are required. These coils are made of Nickel (Ni200), Titanium (Ti) and Stainless steel (SS316) wire instead of kanthal wire. You probably notice it all immediately; the resistance of the coils is much lower than the coils made from kantal. We often get the question if you’re sub-Ohmen. Theoretically, yes, but it’s not comparable to Sub Ohmen with Kanthal coils. The temperature settings are the most important in this case. The number of wattage plays a less important role.

Please note that the correct mode is used on the mod. For example, Nickel (ni200) can only be tampered with in the nickel mode and titanium (Ti) can only be tampered with in the Titanium mode.
Stainless steel (SS316) is an exception, which can be damped at temperature in SS mode and wattages.

Important, lock always the coil’s resistance. Because of temperature differences, for example from the inside to the outside, the resistance can start to jump. When the resistance jumps anything, the mod asks every time if it’s a new coil.

TCR mode (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance))
The TCR mode, also known as M(1), is a temperature control mode in which the wire type can be adjusted even more refined. In this mode, the type of wire and its resistance are specifically taken into account.

  • Advantages of a Box Mod;
  • Adjustable in wattage / voltage
  • Possibility to vaporize for temperature control
  • Different modes
  • Increased battery capacity
  • Many clearomizers / tanks fit on a Box Mod
  • Sub-Ohm vapors
  • Extended safeguards

  • Disadvantages of a Box Mod;
  • Exceeding Penystyle electric cigarettes
  • A Box Mod must be set properly
  • Have no Ego connection
  • Longer loading time due to increased battery capacity

To sum it all up;

Mods use powerful batteries, which we should handle with caution. For this reason read the list below carefully for the correct use of your batteries.

Always charge a battery with the charger intended for that purpose.
This is either the loader supplied with the product, or a loader recommended by us on the product page.
Never wear loose batteries in your bag or pocket.
A battery can come into contact with change, metal parts or other objects in your bag or bag and can short out.
Always keep loose batteries in a case, sledge or case and make sure the batteries do not touch.
Loose batteries can also cause short circuits.
Always keep batteries out of reach of children or pets.
Keep batteries dry, far from water or moisture.
Never leave batteries in direct sunlight. The maximum temperature a battery can tolerate is 45 degrees Celsius.
In case of loose batteries always check the’ wrap ‘ colour cover on the battery if it is damaged, the battery must be replaced immediately.

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